Soul Counselling Session

This session is best for those needing comfort or wanting to grow spiritually.

You will receive 1 or 2 sessions per week (an hour per session) via video call (Zoom) and a total of 4 sessions.


The first session will include a full oracle card reading.


In the following sessions, you are welcome to speak about anything at all. Unload all your troubles, and receive the support you need to heal. Or we can simply chat about life, the ascension, law of attraction, changing your vibration etc. We will also consult the oracle cards in every session if you have any questions and also see what needs to be worked on and receive messages from your divine guides.


I will help you understand the world and we will work together on raising your vibration and helping you evolve as a soul.

You may receive a light activation/ cosmic DNA activation during one of your sessions.

I am here to listen to you from a non judgemental space.

I'm a friend you can connect with to share your deepest thoughts. I will give you the support you need.

4 X 1 Hour session
USD 1150
(once or twice a week)

Please  click on the tab below to make the payment and book your first session:

We will then set the dates and time for your following session at the end of each session.


2 part installment payment plan available. Please get in touch if you wish to pay in 2 payments.

2 part inI am required by law to say that my readings are for entertainment purpose only.​

Disclaimer - All readings are simply meant to be taken as guidance. I am not responsible for any choices or decisions you make as a result of my readings and guidance.