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Don’t stay in denial. Change and embrace transformations.

Don’t stay in denial. Change and embrace transformations. Let go. Listen and trust the universe..

I recently noticed a lot of my clients who come to me for readings and energy healings are struggling with accepting change. So I tapped in to the collective consciousness and saw that most people are currently in this phase in their life.

Clinging on to someone or something that is no longer serving them for their highest good.

I see the universe stepping in and forcing the change to happen through uncomfortable and or painful events. Many end up feeling lost and confused and even angry.. till I help them trust, align and rise again with a higher vibration.

Now letting go, and trusting the universe is something that took me a while to learn. When I start any project, job, relationships etc, I give it 100%. I put my heart and soul into each and everything I do. Which is why when I start to feel the shift and I know it’s time to move on, I struggle to let go. I cling on and I hang from a rope and force myself to carry on even though I feel myself burning out.

The universe will show me every reason for me to move on but I’ll turn a blind eye and keep going simply because I feel like I have invested so much of my time, energy and finances into it, so I want it to work so desperately. I would stay in denial and struggle even though I wasn’t happy anymore.

And every time I reached this point, the universe, the angels, my ancestors and my guides would smack their head and say “We got to push her because she is not planing to move to the next phase of her journey filled with all the amazing things we have planned for her”

And so it happens. An uncomfortable event. An event usually painful to my heart would occur - burning me down into ashes so I would be able to take the time out to realign myself with what is meant for me and rise again like the Phoenix.

This has happened many times in my life. And even though I realised that each time, something better actually came along, I still refused to trust the process.

It took me a long time before I brought myself to realise that one of the biggest challenge and lesson I had to learn was to simply LET GO and trust that the universe has a better plan for me.

I still give a 100% to everything I do, but now I know when to take a step back and let go instead of holding on to the last thread and having to go through the heartache when the universe forces me to align with my higher purpose.

May- August. Be ready to let go.

When we let it all go, we fly!

Trust in the journey unfolding before you. The Angels are the wings on your back. LET GO, and you will ascend!

You will only struggle and swim against the tide if you try to hold on to something that has served its purpose as a lesson for your growth.

You don’t have to do one thing forever. Just because you studied medicine it doesn’t mean you have to work as a doctor forever.

Just because you’ve been married for 20 years it doesn’t mean you have to stay in the marriage forever if your partner is abusive or you’re unhappy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 60. You can always end things and embrace new beginnings. It’s never too late and there are no excuses for you to not change and move on in a different direction.

You are allowed to change and do different things as many times as you wish for your soul’s growth.

Listen to your inner voice and embrace this transformation! If you’re burning out, stop and change. If things aren’t working out, stop and move on.

Don’t live in denial.

Trust and surrender to the unknown.

Love and Blessings,

Alyonna Parveen

Energy Alchemist✨

Dip (AH)

Shamanic Energy Healing, Oracle Readings, Life Guidance, Cosmic Guidance.

South Australia

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