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Everyone fights daily battles

Some days we may feel like we are the only ones struggling and this can sometimes leave us feeling even worse then the actual battle itself.

It’s important to remember that everyone fights daily battles that others can’t see....EVERYONE.

It is just part of our soul’s growth. Part of our soul’s learning. Part of a journey that makes us stronger.

The battles can be hard and painful, but there are many lessons within it and opportunities to go deep within ourselves and discover our inner power.

While we are often told to be kind to others, we rarely are told to be kind to our selves.

You’re allowed to rest, take some time off and do what it takes to get through your battle day/s. You’re allowed to be kind to your self.

Love and Blessings,

Alyonna Parveen

Energy Alchemist✨

Dip (AH)

Shamanic Energy Healing, Oracle Readings, Life Guidance, Cosmic Guidance.

South Australia

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