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Evolution and Growth is a beautiful thing

Evolution and growth is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes the universe shows you what people from your past are doing now so you can see how far you’ve grown.

It’s not about judging those you have had to leave behind. It is about being grateful for your opportunity to evolve, and looking at how far all your inner work has brought you. Those who were once a frequency match are now energetically a million miles away. And now that you can see from a higher perspective, you are able to understand, have compassion and send love from a distance to those who have drifted away because you were once there too. Help each other evolve. That is one of the greatest good you can do.

Love and Blessings, Alyonna Parveen Energy Alchemist✨ Dip (AH) Shamanic Energy Healing, Oracle Readings, Life Guidance, Cosmic Guidance. South Australia

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