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Energy clearing RITUAL.

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

There are major changes happening in the universe and other dimensions at this very moment. There is a huge blast of cosmic energy coming in. The energy is dense and will be forcing everyone to do shadow work.

Everyone is going to be affected by this energy. Many of you will be subconsciously tapping into the collective consciousness and feeling emotions that aren’t even yours. This may lower your vibration tremendously and can attract negative attachments or even entities to come into your energy field. This can cause you to fall sick or have accidents etc.

This is a sacred ritual that will free you from lower energy attachments, close any openings in your energy field and refresh your energy field to protect you and allow you to attract great luck and fortune.

This full moon we do a FLOWER AND LIME BATH RITUAL.

What you need :

-A bucket

-7 different colour flowers. (Natural colours only) Each color carries a specific energy or vibration.

-3 or 5 green limes. (Depending on the size of your bucket)

-Himalayan salt (Optional)

-Warm/hot water.

-Disposable bag

-Dry Sage leaves for smudging

Start by placing the flowers, limes, salt and a bowl of water(to make moon water) out under the full moon. Allow it absorb the moons energy for half an hour to an hour.

Next pour in the moon water and top up with warm/hot water. Cut the limes in to quarters and squeeze the limes into the water. Drop the skin into the bucket as well. Put the flowers (whole or just the petals) and the salt into the bucket. Allow it to sit in the water for 15 minutes.

In the mean time smudge your self with frankincense.

When done, light a candle where you will be performing the bath ritual. I usually do it in the bathroom.

Now have a normal shower. Wash yourself properly from your head to your toe.

Call upon your Angels and guides to create a beautiful bubble of light around you for protection.

Then take the bath mug and from the bucket, scoop the ritual water along with the flowers and lime and pour it over you from the top of your head while saying the affirmations.

Every time you pour it over your head, you say one of the affirmation.

Affirmations :

🌕I cut all and release all low vibrational energy connections attached to my energy field.

🌕I clear and release any negative energies blocks and interferences in my energy field.

🌕I clear and release any entities attached to my energy field.

🌕I clear and close any portals and lower frequency openings in my energy field that isn’t from the light. No entities, low vibration thoughts and feelings can enter my space.

🌕I renounce any permission I’ve given to any lower energy beings to enter my energy field, mind and space.

🌕I seal my energy field with love and light.

I am protected. I am loved. I am light.

Please do not soak in this water. You must pour it from the top of your head.

Once you have said each affirmation, pick up the bucket and pour the remainder water over you.

I would suggest scooping all the petals and limes first so that you can use the remainder water in the bucket to wash off any petals stuck to your body/hair.

***Do not touch the flowers or limes on the ground with your bare hands. Use your garbage disposable bag and pick what ever is on the floor. Tie the bag and keep it OUT of your home. The next day, empty the contents on the bag in any flowing water (river, ocean). If you do not live near any place with running water, dispose the bag far away from your home.

Again do not touch the contents of the bag with your bare hands.***

After your bath ritual, simply dry yourself and change into clean clothes. Enjoy the rest of your night by listening to some beautiful high vibration music, watch some feel good movies or simply read a good book with gratitude growing in your heart.

Scroll down to see photos of ritual.

Love and Blessings,

Alyonna Angelica

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South Australia

Don’t forget to follow me on fb to see daily/weekly cosmic updates.

Alyonna Angelica Divine Healing

Love and blessings always.

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Alyonna Angelica
Alyonna Angelica
Jun 12, 2019

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