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Glitches in the Matrix

Channeled Report.

Glitches in the matrix.

We are merging and crossing timelines. Different lifetimes and realities are coming into ours. I’ll share an experience I had last night.

First you must understand that time is an illusion. Past, present and future all exist simultaneously.

So last night I had connection from a different timeline try to merge with mine.

Let me explain. In a different lifetime, I left my children and their mother. (I’ve been a male in most of my previous lifetimes).

Anyway because she has been looking for me in her timeline, when the cross happened, she confused me with the man I was in her reality (as her soul recognised my soul in the astral realm) and when I was coming back into this reality, she tried hard to make me remember who she was and then she tried to hold on to me, which would merge our timelines not realising that I hold a different reality in this timeline, I- Alyonna-Female.

My light team stepped in immediately to stop it and we pulled the violet flame over me to break the attachment.

A couple of my clients have experienced glitches like this as well.

A client told me she suddenly has a memory of spending time with her neighbour where in reality she had never even spoken to that neighbour.

Many of you will start to experience glitches even in your physical reality.

Some of you may merge with a reality in which you are always showered with abundance in all areas of your life thus changing the storyline of your current reality.

This isn’t anything to be worried about.

Choose what you wish you keep, merge with it in your current reality and let go of what doesn’t serve you for your highest good. You have the power to choose what you want in this life. Merge with your higher dimensional selves.

Many of you will start to remember more of your past lives and remember gifts and talents you possessed in those timelines. Many Starseeds will remember and connect to their galactic characteristics strongly now.

Welcome and embrace the new.

You are a creator.

Bathe yourself in the violet flame daily and burn Frankincense incense. Make this your daily ritual.




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1 Comment

Unsure if this would be considered a glitch in the matrix but I've been randomly remembering dreams I've had years ago. Anyone else experience this or know why this is happening?

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