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Stand under the sun with your feet on the ground today and tomorrow. Say the following invocation and allow the cosmic energy to flow to you from the spiritual realms.

This intense surge of light will awaken DNA, activate the human energy field, and transmit high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening. This is a wonderful opportunity for progression on the ascension path. Although this gateway opens every year creating an incredible period of accelerated ascension, This year, it is powered up!

Increased waves of light and codes of awakened consciousness are streaming onto the planet now, through the Sun. Take time to meditate outdoors today and tomorrow. Now is the time to step into a higher vibrational experience of Love so keep vibrating love and allow the light activation to take place.

Open your heart, mind, and spirit to receive this wave of light, codes of consciousness, and energy of ascension.

Fill yourself up with light 🌞


Thank you for all the energy exchange via donations, love, likes, shares, tags and comments. 🙏🏼


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Love and Blessings,

Alyonna Parveen

Energy Alchemist ✨

Dip (AH)

Alyonna Divine Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing, Oracle Readings, Life Guidance, Cosmic Guidance.

South Australia

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