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Mother's Day

💕Mother’s Day 💕 Many women think it’s a day their children and family needs to celebrate them.. So for those mothers that have lost their children or their children have moved away, will automatically dread this day. Depression and sadness kicks in. Sucking the joy out of this day.

Dear Mothers, the Angels want me to tell you today that Mother’s Day isn’t about others celebrating you. It is a day you celebrate and honour yourself because it is the day you became a Goddess.

🦋 The very moment you opened the portal that connects the spirit world to our world IN YOUR BODY to bring a soul into our world, you became a Goddess. At that very moment, you became a Goddess that was given the title of MOTHER!

🦋 The moment you decided to embrace the sacred path of motherhood by adopting a child or accepting your partner's child as your own, giving that child all of your selfless love, you became a Goddess. At that very moment you became a Goddess that was given the title MOTHER!

🦋 Whether you are having problems conceiving or waiting for the adoption papers to be finalised, the very moment you decided you want to be a mother, the Goddess within you awakened.

So my dear Goddesses, celebrate and honour yourself on Mother’s Day! Do something amazing for yourself. Embrace the Goddess within you, dear mothers.

Connect with the original mother, MOTHER EARTH. Lie on the grass and feel her love. If your children are with you, have a picnic in the Garden. Plant a tree together.

And for those who have lost their mothers, honour the Goddess that she was by planting a white carnation in your garden. Or placing a white carnation by her photo with a white candle.

May you spend this day in reverence of the Goddess Divine Feminine magic from which this world was born, and may that magic be with you always.

Happy Mothers Day.

Love and Blessings, Alyonna Parveen Energy Alchemist✨ Dip (AH) Shamanic Energy Healing, Oracle Readings, Life Guidance, Cosmic Guidance. South Australia

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