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Self Love Ritual


Everyone has a Feminine and Masculine energy within them.

In this ritual, we embrace the Divine Feminine energy within us by connecting to Goddess Aphrodite Or Goddess Venus.

By aligning with this Divine Feminine energy, we will awaken to the awareness of the importance of self love.

You can only attract the life you desire if you truly love and honour yourself.

Lack of self love brings lack of self respect. This puts you in a state of denial causing you to put a blindfold on ; This can mean staying in a bad job, a bad relationship, or unwillingness to give up bad habits like consuming junk food, alcohol and drug addiction.

Let us ignite the flame of self love.

You can do this in a bath or shower.

Diffuse Rose essential oil in your room or bathroom. Play some beautiful relaxing music. Place rose quartz crystals and red, pink or white candles around.

Turn down the lights. Whether you are submerged in the bath or sitting in the shower take a moment to feel the water caressing your skin. Your body is your sacred temple.

Close your eyes and take your time as you caress your body lovingly with your hands washing away any shame or pain you hold inside. Feel every part of your body lovingly.

As you do this you can say “I am beautiful. I am love. I am light. I love, respect and honour myself”

After your bath, dry yourself and moisturise your skin with a rose scented oil or lotion.

As you do this, say:

“I invite the Goddesses of love on my journey of self love.

I accept their guidance and honour the Divine Feminine within me.

May I love myself completely.

May I respect my mind, body and soul.

May I always remember my worth.

May I feel my emotions without judgement. May I connect and embrace the sacredness of my sensuality.

I am beautiful. I am love. I am light.

I love, respect and honour myself”

Sip on some sweet hot chocolate and retreat to some quite relaxation time to yourself.


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Love and Blessings,

Alyonna Angelica

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