Who are you really when you take off the mask?

Who are you really when you take off the mask?

CONSTANT suppression of self because of the programming of society, culture and religion has become so common that people think it’s NORMAL..

People don’t even realise that they have the free will to be who they want. Free will which is the universal most important law. Even the Angels won’t step in and intervene unless you give them permission but some how humans think it’s acceptable to impose on another humans free will .

Some people refuse to change simply because it hurts their ego that the belief system they have been following is no longer relevant.

They seek a a sense of familiarity and comfort so they stay stuck in old patterns and habits. Fear of change has them pretending to others, and to their selves, that they are content, when deep within they are not.

And some people have forgotten who they are. They have even forgotten how to love themselves.

If you can’t love yourself, if you don’t think you are enough and you don’t trust your power, how can anyone love, accept and trust you?

Do you love your own company? Do you enjoy being with yourself? If you don’t, how can anyone enjoy being with you?

When you truly love yourself, you will stop seeking validation from other people and that my loves, is TRUE FREEDOM.

Break free from this low vibration mind conditioning! You are not a sheep.