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Oracle Card & Channeled Readings, Spiritual & Life Guidance

Journey into your soul with Alyonna Angelica

Alyonna Angelica Earth Angel

With a wide range of clientele from all over the world including hollywood celebrities and top business entrepreneurs/coaches, Alyonna's energy has brought healing, recognition, transformation, empowerment as well as helped people remove blockages and move forward.

​Alyonna is not a fortune teller nor is she a miracle healer. A channeler, healer, spiritual teacher and writer, she reads your souls blueprint and your energies. She helps you find the strength to heal yourself. She will help you understand your own power. She will convey messages from your guides. She does not do predictions of your future as there is the element of free will in your journey. She will however guide you on to the right direction and empower you so you are able to complete the life mission you incarnated for.


She is open energetically to allow the reception of the light beings vibratory words or visions to come through. She is gifted with they key to the akashic records library, hearing or seeing what the divine light beings are communicating and picking up on the messages from light realms for you.

She uses oracle cards as well as other methods of channeling to bring in the messages for you. She is able to see where you are stuck or blocked energetically as well as tap into your past lives to see the influences that are affecting your current life.
The messages will help you understand your life's journey and guide you to your soul path and purpose.