About Alyonna

An Intuitive psychic, channeler, Healer, Teacher, Writer, Alyonna's Soul’s mission is to help people unlock their cosmic light, heal energetically and bring forward messages from the Divine to guide them on their journey towards their soul purpose. 

She assists people with their spiritual awakening, helping them find their inner power, their inner light. She helps people understand their soul's purpose, transforming their energy and empowering them so they may break free from low vibrational mind conditioning. 


She was born in Malaysia to a multiracial family. Growing up in a Muslim country while having influences from her Christian mother, Sikh father, Hindu grandmother and Buddhist friends, she was able to tap into each culture and religion and learn from all of them. 

She had her first awakening at the age of 16 in 1999 after a painful heartbreak.
She begun to research and look for answers as she always felt like she didn't fit in the world. She discovered paganism and started studying the art of magick. From there she discovered there was so much more out there in the universe. She started to understand the concept of energy and the law of attraction. She decided that she did not want to belong to any religion anymore and that God was everywhere and in everything.

After her 2nd awakening in 2004, she started actively pursuing lightwork and helping people with guidance through tarot card readings.

She then started travelling and lived all over the world. From Asia to the Middle East to Europe. She worked and learnt new cultures, while looking for answers to all the questions in her heart.


Her spiritual journey continued further after her 3rd awakening in 2012 and something  big within her shifted as she struggled to crawl out of the dark tunnel of her soul.  

Her move to Australia in 2014-2016 brought the the first rebirthing of her soul. She went from maiden to mother in 2016 when she gave birth to her beautiful baby boy born on her birthday. 


In Australia she started teaching dance which then evolved into a successful dance school. Through this time she would quietly help those who knew of her gifts on the side and eventually started to incorporate healing and meditation circles into her services.

​2018 then came along with the dark tunnel again and brought a huge shift in her energy pushing her to completely disconnect from the matrix. Forcing her to  finally dive deep, to re-awaken, to remember.

This shift aligned her with her soul's purpose and made her step fully into her power. Remembering who she is really is. She awoken and remembered her true existence beyond our world. She remembered the beginning of it all.

This dark and painful tunnel was her blessing in disguise and shes ever so grateful to those who brought that painful storm into her life.

2019 has brought her to the completion of her incarnations in the karmic wheel of Earth's realm. She now teaches and  supports people daily with guidance on her social media platforms. She also provides one on one oracle and channeled reading services.

Having experienced being in a place where she had no support especially during her early times of awakening, driving her to depths of depression to a point of hallucination, She know how painful and hard it can be. She remembers wishing every single day that there was someone who understood. Someone she could talk too. Today she strives to be that person others can come to for guidance. 


Empowering, healing and reawakening the soul.