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An empath and dancer since childhood, she is passionate about healing and regenerating, through energy healing, meditation and dance. She is also a certified Reiki Master.
Alyonna’s dance has a holistic approach to mind~body~spirit wellness.
Alyonna was born in Malaysia. From young she knew she was different and was gifted in lightwork.
She was first introduced to bollywood dance through her fathers indian heritage. Bollywood movies were her inspiration to learn the dance form.
From there she was introduced to belly dancing in 2002 through her Iraqi best friend's mother. She learnt a great deal from her. Alyonna then went on to learn the art from other teachers in Malaysia. 

She now combines the different styles when she perform. Her style is a combination of Bollywood, Lebanese, Oriental and Tribal fusion belly dancing.
Through Belly dancing and Bollywood dancing, Alyonna felt the ability to create and shift energy though dance. She finds that this gives her the most joy and she feel most connected to mother earth and the universe.

Alyonna has won numerous dance competitions.
To name a few, She was the winner of Miss Malaysia World (talent round as well as the Runner- up) and winner of Oriental World best talent.


She has been invited to perform around the world. Her biggest show would be back in 2008 in China. She was a guest performer in the highest rated Tv show in Hunan. 


She moved to London in 2005. She ended up performing in a couple of events as well as in a function centre. She eventually starting teaching in that centre as well as giving private lessons in her home.


Dancing has also landed her numerous roles in International movies. She stared in a Bengoli movie and danced in many Indian films.

Alyonna moved to South Australia in 2015 and started her dance school in Victor Harbor. She now conducts dance classes as well as helps people through healing dance meditation sessions.

Alyonna is passionate about helping people heal, discover their body all over again while developing a deeper, more loving and positive connection to their body and soul. Alyonna's aim is to create a non judgemental tribe where everyone is accepted and loved. She strongly believes that no one should ever feel like they are alone in this universe.

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