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I am a Channeler.

I am not a fortune teller. I read energies and I convey messages from your guides. I do not do predictions of your future as we are choosing our journey every second of the day and so there is the element of free will in our journey. I will however guide you on to the right direction and empower you so you are able to complete the life mission you incarnated for.


I am open energetically to allow the reception of the light beings vibratory words or visions to come through. I am gifted in hearing or seeing what the divine light beings are communicating and picking up on the messages from light realms for you.


The messages will help guide you to your soul path and purpose.


I use angel cards, oracle cards, gemstones or other methods of grounding, connecting and receiving messages along with tuning into divine vibrations of intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizant.



These Divine heavenly beings will send messages to open the mind, heart and give clarity. 


Channeled readings are best used as tools for recognition, growth, expansion, recharging, getting un-stuck and moving forward.

The more relaxed and open you are, the more accurate your results will be, because you are allowing Spirit to connect with your energy.


Please click on the link below to book a session or send me an email via the contact form for more details.

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