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Your booking has been received and your session is confirmed.  Well done on taking the first step on your journey into your soul.

  • An email with your private zoom link has been sent to you. Please look out for that email as it is sometimes sent to your junk/filtered folder. You will need to click on the link given in that email to connect at your scheduled appointment time. This email will also contain your personal zoom password which you may need to key in to sign in to your session.

  • You will receive 3 session reminders by Email before your session and another 3 by text if you entered your mobile number.

  • Please have earphones or headphones ready incase you have audio issues. Please test your audio and video setting before as there will be a $150 charge to reschedule if your audio doesn't work on the day.


  • Please note that you will need to purchase a new session if you fail to show up at your scheduled appointment time.


  • Please do not drink any alcoholic substances or take recreational drugs before your session.


  • Do keep a pen and paper handy if you wish to take notes. You are also able to record the session if you use a pc/laptop to connect.


Cancelation policy.

Please contact me with your paypal Email address to cancel your session. 

Please note that you will be charged a booking and processing fee of USD 25 if you choose to cancel your session.

I am required by law to say that my readings are for entertainment purpose only.

By purchasing this session you have agreed that my readings are simply meant to be taken as guidance. I (Alyonna) am not responsible for any choices or decisions you make as a result of my readings.

I look forward to connecting. Speak to you soon.
Alyonna Angelica

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