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Ecstatic Dance

Heal your soul through dance

Ecstatic Dance is a style of free form dance in which the music is the teacher

In this form of dance, there is no structure or steps to follow or any particular way to dance.
Let the music take you on a journey.
When we dance together, we are tapping into the tremendous power of the collective consciousness.


The purpose of dance meditation is to help you raise your energetic vibration so that the rest of your week is imprinted with this high level vibration, through your entire being -your body, your mind, your soul.

Judgement free zone where you are your own medicine. No previous dance experience is required. For all ages and all abilities.


Teen Ballet Dancer

Why do Ecstatic dancing?

1. You can be part of the crowd and still be yourself.

During movement meditation we dance alone, yet we dance together. We are all part of the same crowd, yet we respect each other’s world and remain in our own dance.

It’s just like in real life: There are so many people busy running to work, to school, to pick up the kids, to get their shopping done, and so on. We pass each other; sometimes we connect and often we don’t, but we are part of the same world.

We are all connected, occupying the same planet and connected to the same universe, yet there is room to be ourselves, to express our own creative power, and to live our own passion from our heart.

2. Every body is beautiful.

As we grow, our body changes and with every event shapes our life, it shapes our body too and sometimes it can be hard to accept these changes.

But you dance together, your body feels like a part of a beautiful bigger whole rather than as a lonely and disconnected object.

Moving among other bodies, not only will you feel an amazing connection, but also experience how beautiful we are all, in body and spirit. It reminds you to respect your body, because, just like every body, it’s beautiful.

3. It is okay to change direction.

The music chosen is different, and how you feel can be different every minute. Sometimes you do one thing, but then your heart changes and so does your movement. You can even sit down if you want to.
Dancing reassures you that it is more than okay to change direction, stop, turn back, run forward, or jump between different roads.

Dancing reassures you that the heart knows the best; therefore, it is the best to listen to the heart. The rest will follow.


4. It’s okay to do your own thing.

Looking into a dance meditation class may be crazy to a completely oblivious outsider. There are people jumping and even screaming. While others move gracefully in their beautiful slow dance, some are rolling on the floor, and yet a few are sitting in meditative pose. Everyone does their own dance, which can look chaotic at first glance.

But there is no right or wrong; whatever and however you dance is okay, and the same truth holds for life.

It is pointless to compare ourselves to others or even to our past life or future goals because we’re all different, coming from different places. Living in the present moment is a beautiful thing, and following our own instincts is the best way to live in the moment.


5. Dance from your heart, live from your heart.

Some days you will come to a session feeling extremely happy and  you will just want to put your  joy on the floor. There are days when you will come with sadness, anger, or frustration, which again you are able to release in movement. Whatever you feel in your heart is the thing that comes out your dance.

I truly believe in the power and importance of authenticity. Just like in dance, living an authentic, honest life from our heart gives a tremendous amount of freedom, because it’s only in acknowledging and showing our true feelings that we’re able to work through them. To live free and happy, remember to live from your heart.

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