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Disconnect, Transform, Evolve

They key to living from the 5th Dimensional consciousness is being completely authentic.

You do not need to live up to other people’s expectations of you. Let go of the ego where you care about what everyone would think if you were to take an action that showed them a different side of you. Or if you made a choice that isn’t what they expect of you. Connect to the light in your heart and be you.

This is your life and your journey. Everyone has their own journey. Do you really want to stunt your soul's growth just because of what people may say? The same people who will one day leave their body and go back to source and forget all about you and the conditioning of this lifetime.

We get so caught up in the low vibrational conditioning of this world we live in that we would rather cut our wings then be who we truly are. The more you deny your true self, the deeper you get buried in the 3rd dimensional matrix.

Ask your self, why do you care so much about what other people think of you? Why does it matter to you? The answer to that is your ego responding.

Your soul is greater then this temporary illusion. Read that again. Now never forget that.

When your time comes and your soul leaves this body, the only thing that will matter is how much light you carry in your soul.

Disconnect from this illusion. Remember who you really are... Let yourself out of the cage. You have the keys.

Disconnect, Transform, Evolve.

Disconnect from the matrix conditioning , Transform yourself and allow your soul to Evolve.

Love and Blessings, Alyonna Parveen Energy Alchemist✨ Dip (AH)

Fb : Shamanic Energy Healing, Oracle Readings, Life Guidance, Cosmic Guidance. South Australia

Disconnect, transform, evolve by Alyonna Parveen

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