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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

ENERGY FORECAST May- August 2019


May to August will be an exhausting and chaotic time for many as the energies that push for change and transformations intensifies making you truly feel, see and face situations that are uncomfortable if you have been denying your true self and clinging on to unhealthy attachments. Many are going to awaken to new found gifts, talents and abilities from past lives giving you the opportunity to move into a new energetic space. May - August, you will be integrating with each of these new gifts and have the opportunity to decide to change the direction of your lives for the better. It’s like you’ve reach a crossroad and now have to decide which direction you want to take. Do you want to stay on the same path and repeat lessons or use all the gifts accumulated from previous lives and move in a different direction for your souls growth.

In the next 4 month, it is crucial to let go of attachments to people, places, things and labels. You need to find the strength, willpower and courage to leave the familiar behind. If you're not willing to make difficult decisions that are vital for your emotional, mental and spiritual health, then the universe will force you to make it. And it's never pleasant when the universe steps in with force.

Think of it like this, you're going bungee jumping off a cliff top. When you choose to jump, you prepare your mind and body. You know where to place your arms and you take a deep breath and leap. Now when the universe steps in, it just kicks your butt off the cliff top before you have a chance to breathe and prepare.

It's time to stop living in denial. It is time to stop making excuses to stick to toxicity.

Tune in to who you really are inside. They key to living from the 5th Dimensional consciousness is being completely authentic.

You are allow to un-attach yourself from a label or an identity you created for yourself or was created for you. We change every second of the day. As your soul evolves, the things you resonate with will change.


You do not have to stick to an identity or label you created for yourself. You do not need to live up to other people’s expectations of you.

This includes your business, your line of work, the course you're studying, your lifestyle, your habits, your passion, your current situation. You may have put in all of your energy and invested a lot of time and money into something (business, hobbies, relationships, identity) but when it has run its course, you must let go. Take the lessons, move on and GROW.

If you fight to hold on to something that you have outgrown, you're lowering your vibration and denying your souls freedom.

Let go of the ego where you care about what everyone would think of you if you made this change.This is your life and your journey. Everyone has their own journey. Do you really want to stunt your souls growth because of what people will say? The same people who will one day leave their body and go back to source and forget all about you in this lifetime.

The best way to get through this period is by realising that if you are clinging to unfulfilling, unhealthy and undesirable dynamics then you need to find the strength to make a clean break and heal from any dependency or pain. It is time for major personal transformation. It is time to create space for healthy and harmonious encounters with people, places and situations that are on the same frequency as you.

Anything that does not serve you for your highest good this year including self sabotaging habits and the toxicity surrounding you would either surface for you to take action, make changes or simply exit your life! The universe is shifting things around so that you are able to see whatever or whoever is anchoring or pulling you down.

Allow those who no longer match your vibration to leave your life. Allow the negativity, old patterns, old habits and toxicity to leave, if not you will be stuck in the same old toxic routine for the rest of the year! Remember that you are setting the foundation for the rest of your life this year. Make sure it is a stable and healthy foundation.

Allow yourself to come to terms the new you and embrace the new energetic phase, and celebrate this positivity. There is going to be a lot of karmic breakups. Relationships, friendships, partnerships. This is going to be a huge energy detox so you can purge old energies and remove anything, or anyone, that is in the way of you from moving forward on to complete what your soul incarnated to do.

A lot of this breakups will come with shock, pain and maybe sacrifice IF you refuse to let go of the attachments to your old life because the universe steps in and forces you to let go. Remember being kicked off the cliff top?

The universe and your higher self has been conspiring to make this happen since February. Trust the synchronicity. All plans and ideas you have put into motion has been leading you to the changes coming in now.

Surrendering to the changes and allowing yourself to transform is best healing for you and the only option at times like this.

August will see you setting the foundation of the new you. So please get all the help you can to help you with these changes. If you’re not coping with the changes, please see an energy healer that can help you cut the cords. Cord cutting is extremely important to help you move forward.

It is crucial to have energy healing done at least once a month at this time. Many of you will may end up feeling a little lost and unsure of what steps to take next if the change came as a shock. Some may go into a space of darkness. This is ok. You are allowed to disconnect and stay in your dark cocoon for sometime to truly connect to your self and the universe. Pray, and ask the Angels to show you a sign. When you come out of that cocoon, you would be a beautiful butterfly and the transformation you have gone through will be magnificent. The freedom of this new change and awareness within you will be incredible.

Trust the synchronicities and your intuition. Release all fear. Trust yourself. Trust the journey unfolding in front of you. Take the first step. I’m also being told to ask everyone to do a lot of meditations in nature, especially under the morning sun and to bring nature into your home. Grow indoor green plants in your house. The fresh oxygen indoors will heal the deepest cells in your body. So keep many plants in your home. Especially those who live in the city.

When I channeled this report, One of the visions I was shown was of many people breathing in smoke outdoors and suffocating indoors causing their bodies to slowly die from inside. They then walked into this room surrounded by many indoor plants. Almost instantly they start to heal and I could see their cells regenerate. So indoor plants is the key.

Also get rid of clutter. Throw or give away things that you haven’t used in a long time. Don’t hold on to old energy. Old clothes and old things sitting in the drawers or boxes, let it all go. Allow new energy to circulate in your home. Move furniture around your house too. It creates new energy movement.

Always remember that new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

Take accountability for your personal journey. Sometimes someone may hurt you or cause you a lot of pain. Rather then holding on to anger, know that this person may have signed a soul contract with you to come in at this time and cause you this unpleasantness so that you are forced to shift and move on the right directions for your souls mission. I have seen this happen with so many of my clients.

It is time for deep Soul-Searching, reflection and stillness. Take time to be alone and truly connect to who you are inside. Accepting and going with the flow of this transformation, welcoming change and compassionately releasing who and what isn’t meant to be in your life. Emotions will be running high at this time and everyone is walking on egg shells. Always choose to respond with compassion and not react hastily.

Thank you for all the likes, shares, comments and tags on all my post. I may not be able to respond to each and every comment and messages but I do read them all and I’m very grateful for each and every one and it encourages me to give more. #Exchange

I hope this report helps you through this transition phase and bring some comfort and understanding into why certain things are happening at this time.

Love and Blessings, Alyonna Parveen Energy Alchemist✨ Dip (AH) Shamanic Energy Healing, Oracle Readings, Life Guidance, Cosmic Guidance. South Australia

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